Persian Gulf gas and liquefied gas plant design

The construction project of 3200 gas and liquefied gas plant in the southwest of Ahvaz city and west of Karun river in order to collect associated gases from oil processing in the western Karun basin includes Darkhovin, Yadavaran, Azadegan South and Azadegan North oil fields. The first phase of the project with a nominal capacity of 250 million cubic feet of gas will be operational in 36 months and the second phase in 48 months.

By exploiting it, the nominal capacity will increase to 500 million cubic feet of gas per day. The purpose of constructing this complex is to supply food to Bandar Imam petrochemical complexes. Light and refined gases will be sent to the national gas network to supply the country’s gas. Also, granulated sulfur will be produced by the factory, which can be used in chemical and agricultural industries.

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