Part of the empty capacity of petrochemicals will be operational

Part of the empty capacity of petrochemicals will be operational

According to the Ministry of Oil, Seyed Jalal Mirhashemi, emphasizing the favorable trend of increasing the production of petrochemical products, said: In recent years and for various reasons, part of the production capacity of production complexes has not been exploited with the planning and cooperation of holdings and Petrochemical complexes, about 2 million tons of this empty capacity will enter the production circuit next year.

He added: “Achieving the second and third leaps in the development of the petrochemical industry is one of the macro policies of the National Petrochemical Company, which in addition to increasing production capacity, removing bottlenecks and barriers to production is one of the priorities of this macro program.”

Mirhashemi stated that the optimal use of the installed capacity in the petrochemical industry and the exploitation of vacant capacities can pave the way for the realization of the second development leap in the petrochemical industry. They invested, made the most of it.

He continued: in line with identifying important and influential factors in the production process, the necessary measures by the National Petrochemical Company in more coordination with the Ministry of Oil, National Oil Company, National Gas Company, as well as complexes and holdings active in the petrochemical industry are on the agenda. Has been taken to diversify the portfolio of petrochemical products, to fully meet domestic needs and increase share in export markets.

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